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What's In my "GUCCI 1973 MEDIUM TOTE" Bag

Contents in my Bag
Yes this bag is still for SALE!!
Here's the Link for Saks Fifth Avenue...where this bag is sold But it's also sold at Nieman Marcus and the Gucci store and\u0026R=885133190305\u0026P_name=Gucci\u0026sid=31336989690033\u0026Ntt=GUCCI+1973\u0026N=0\u0026bmUID=jtbcoL. Link


TRIPLE BAG REVEAL | New Gucci & LV + Removing Vintage Odors from Handbags | KWSHOPS

Hey Guys!

So today I'm revealing two new bags to my collection (I think you guys have already seen the third!). I purchased the Gucci bag at a consignment store in Palm Beach. The other two I bought on eBay from Japanese sellers. This was my first experience with buying preloved designer goods from Japan. I've always been wowed by their comparably low prices and I finally bit the bullet! Plus, it didn't hurt to be getting cashback from Ibotta (Check the link below)
I purchased from two different sellers and the both came with varying levels of "old" or "musty" odor. The Louis Vuitton bag is from 2013, while the Gucci is vintage and over 30 years old. Obviousy the vintage piece smelled worse, but I have to admit I was quite surprised that the newer LV had one as well. (Also, as a note: this was completely disclosed in the eBay listings, and I purchased knowing that these bags were going to need some TLC!)

Check out ibotta
I also swear by Ebates! They have eBay too


Gucci 1973 mini crossbody larger size
Louis Vuitton Estrela
Gucci Navy Blue Vintage Crossbody
Bissell Spotlifter

EBAY Sellers
LV Estrela (Japan_Monoshre)
Gucci Crossbody (Kurotoa)

Also, if ebay is too risky for your taste give Fashionphile a try! I love their layaway program
And there's an Estrela HERE

Filmed with Sony A5000
Video Editing: iMovie + Filmaker Pro on iPad
Music courtesy of Frequency
Misho - Never Let Me Go

Arc North - Meant To Be (feat. Krista Marina)

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Bolsa Gucci 1973 Retangular Salmão | Etiqueta Única

Bolsa Gucci 1973 Retangular Salmão Original. O modelo confeccionado em couro granulado salmão possui formato retangular, dois compartimentos internos com um bolso, alça longa em corrente dourada, ferragem com monograma da marca na parte frontal e fecho por botão magnético. Acompanha saco da marca.
Seminova, em ótimo estado de conservação. Apresenta mínima mancha alaranjada na aba frontal, marquinhas no couro, risquinhos nas ferragens, leve desgaste nas extremidades e couro levemente escurecido na parte traseira.
Código: XL29




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